Why Texting?
Sure. Text Marketing is a fad. I’m sure smart phones aren’t here to stay either...

And if you agree with this statement thanks for checking out my page and I wish you luck! If you’re among the other 99.9 percent of people that couldn’t picture a life without these tiny handheld computers we carry around then I’d love to explore with you how texting can help retention and growth for your business.

Here’s a few little stats published by Oracle and OneReach that were thought provoking:

Smart Phone

In 2015,

mobile influenced retail sales to the tune of over $1 trillion

39% of customers

spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon.

86% of shoppers

would find it beneficial to receive store offers or coupons on their mobile device while shopping in their favorite stores.

More than nine in ten

mobile coupon users will redeem a coupon or code via their mobile device for online or offline shopping in 2017.

Text messages

have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate

80% of people

are currently using texting for business.

Sales prospects

who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages

Texting is becoming as essential as having a telephone at your business. The Beauty of it is at Digital Edge Solutions we make it easy and affordable with options based upon your technological abilities and budget. Give me a shout, shoot me a text, fill out my contact form, send me a fax, throw me a smoke signal, or grab a strong walkie talkie and holler (disclaimer; only the first 3 work). I’m here to help you. Growing small to medium sized businesses is a passion of mine that I love to share. Look forward to chatting with you soon!

How much does it cost?

Some of our prices for you, select your package.

Want us to manage your texting for you?

Managed Package Plans



  • $149.99 Set up cost (one time)
  • 500 Texts
  • Auto campaigns
  • Facebook sign up page
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  • $149.99 Set up cost (one time)
  • 2000 text messages
  • SMS & MMS messaging*
  • Mobile E-cards & Coupons*
  • Facebook & Twitter*
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4000 Custom


  • $149.99 Set up cost (one time)
  • 4000 text messages
  • SMS & MMS messaging*
  • Mobile E-cards & Coupons*
  • Facebook & Twitter*
  • and MUCH MORE!
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